Jeanne Varner Powell, JD

Senior Risk Management Consultant at MICA

Stories by Jeanne


I Don’t Want That in My Record

When patients request corrections of their medical records, practices need to respond to these requests.

Practice Management

Medical Assistant ≠ Nurse

Medical assistants and other unlicensed, non-nurse personnel should never call themselves “nurses” as it comes with serious possible penalties.


In Honor of Complaint Management

Treating complaints with prompt action can lead to patients feeling more positive about their experience and offer your practice valuable lessons.


Arizona's 2021 Telehealth Expansion Law

Expanding Arizona patients’ access to telehealth and allowing practitioners licensed in other states to provide virtual care to patients in Arizona.


Is Telemedicine the Best Fit?

Telemedicine is a new alternative to in-person appointments, but not all patients and present conditions are a good fit for each appointment.

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