Telehealth Implementation and Optimization Guide

If your practice is looking to launch a new telehealth program or strengthen your current, this guide was designed to help no matter where your program is at.

Like many practices, you may have found yourself rushing to implement a telehealth program to meet the pandemic demands. Now most practices are treating patients through a combination of in-person and telehealth appointments. With the surge calming, this could be a great time to strengthen and mitigate risk of your current telehealth program.

MICA is pleased to offer you this Telehealth Implementation and Optimization Guide no matter where your program is at.

This easy-to-follow checklist is designed to help you:

    • Plan for a telehealth program or implement program improvements with supporting policies and procedures with an appropriate platform vendor.

    • Maintain effective patient relationships throughout the life of the program.

    • Understand the legislation regarding seeing patients when they are not located in your licensed state.


Telehealth Guide

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